Publications of T. J. Tan

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Journal Article
Strom, M.; Vollmer, P.; Tan, T. J.; Gallwitz, D.: A yeast GTPase-activating protein that interacts specifically with a member of the Ypt/Rab family. Nature 361 (6414), pp. 736 - 739 (1993)
Journal Article
Tan, T. J.; Vollmer, P.; Gallwitz, D.: Identification and partial purification of GTPase-activating proteins from yeast and mammalian cells that preferentially act on Ypt1/Rab1 proteins. FEBS Letters 291 (2), pp. 322 - 326 (1991)
Journal Article
Becker, J.; Tan, T. J.; Trepte, H. H.; Gallwitz, D.: Mutational analysis of the putative effector domain of the GTP-binding Ypt1 protein in yeast suggests specific regulation by a novel GAP activity. EMBO Journal 10 (4), pp. 785 - 792 (1991)
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