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Sidarovich, A.; Will, C. L.; Anokhina, M. M.; Ceballos, J.; Sievers, S.; Agafonov, D. E.; Samatov, T.; Bao, P.; Kastner, B.; Urlaub, H. et al.; Waldmann, H.; Lührmann, R.: Identification of a small molecule inhibitor that stalls splicing at an early step of spliceosome activation. eLife 6, e23533 (2017)
Journal Article
Pawellek, A.; McElroy, S.; Samatov, T.; Mitchell, L.; Woodland, A.; Ryder, U.; Gray, D.; Lührmann, R.; Lamond, A.: Identification of small molecule inhibitors of pre-mRNA splicing. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (50), pp. 34683 - 34698 (2014)
Journal Article
Patil, V.; Canzoneri, J. C.; Samatov, T. R.; Lührmann, R.; Oyelere, A. K.: Molecular architecture of Zinc chelating small molecules that inhibit spliceosome assembly at an early stage. RNA 18 (9), pp. 1605 - 1611 (2012)
Journal Article
Samatov, T. R.; Wolf, A.; Odenwälder, P.; Bessonov, S.; Deraeve, C.; Bon, R. S.; Waldmann, H.; Lührmann, R.: Psoromic acid derivatives: A new family of small-molecule pre-mRNA splicing inhibitors discovered by a stage-specific high-throughput in vitro splicing assay. ChemBioChem 13 (5), pp. 640 - 644 (2012)
Journal Article
Wirth, M.; Paap, F.; Fischle, W.; Wenzel, D.; Agafonov, D. E.; Samatov, T. R.; Wisniewski, J. R.; Jedrusik-Bode, M.: HIS-24 linker histone and SIR-2.1 deacetylase induce H3K27me3 in Caenorhabditis elegans germ line. Molecular and Cellular Biology 29 (13), pp. 3700 - 3709 (2009)
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