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Journal Article
Girard, C.; Will, C. L.; Peng, J.; Makarov, E. M.; Kastner, B.; Lemm, I.; Urlaub, H.; Hartmuth, K.; Lührmann, R.: Retention of posttranscriptional spliceosomes in nuclear speckles until splicing completion. Nature communications 3, 994 (2012)
Journal Article
Peng, J. H.: A chemically designed enzymatic cleavage site for phosphoproteome analysis. ChemBioChem 5 (6), pp. 768 - 770 (2004)
Journal Article
Marquordt, C.; Fang, Q. H.; Will, E.; Peng, J. H.; von Figura, K.; Dierks, T.: Posttranslational modification of serine to formylglycine in bacterial sulfatases - Recognition of the modification motif by the iron-sulfur protein AtsB. Journal of Biological Chemistry 278 (4), pp. 2212 - 2218 (2003)
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