Publications of R. Nehring

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Journal Article
Rueder, C.; Reimer, T.; Delgado-Martinez, I.; Hermosilla, R.; Engelsberg, A.; Nehring, R.; Doerken, B.; Rehm, A.: EBAG9 adds a new layer of control on large dense-core vesicle exocytosis via interaction with snapin. Molecular Biology of the Cell 16 (3), pp. 1245 - 1257 (2005)
Journal Article
Mueller, V.; Wienisch, M.; Nehring, R.; Klingauf, J.: Monitoring clathrin-mediated endocytosis during synaptic activity. Journal of Neuroscience 24 (8), pp. 2004 - 2012 (2004)
Journal Article
Soerensen, J. B.; Nagy, G.; Varoqueaux, F.; Nehring, R.; Brose, N.; Wilson, M. C.; Neher, E.: Differential control of the releasable vesicle pools by SNAP-25 splice variants and SNAP-23. Cell 114 (1), pp. 75 - 86 (2003)
Journal Article
Nagy, G.; Matti, U.; Nehring, R.; Binz, T.; Rettig, J.; Neher, E.; Soerensen, J. B.: Protein kinase C-dependent phosphorylation of synaptosome- associated protein of 25 kDa at Ser187 potentiates vesicle recruitment. The Journal of Neuroscience 22 (21), pp. 9278 - 9286 (2002)
Journal Article
Soerensen, J. B.; Matti, U.; Wei, S. H.; Nehring, R.; Voets, T.; Ashery, U.; Binz, T.; Neher, E.; Rettig, J.: The SNARE protein SNAP-25 is linked to fast calcium triggering of exocytosis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99 (3), pp. 1627 - 1632 (2002)
Journal Article
Mansour, M.; Nagarajan, N.; Nehring, R.; Clements, J. D.; Rosenmund, C.: Heteromeric AMPA receptors assemble with a preferred subunit stoichiometry and spatial arrangement. Neuron 32, pp. 841 - 853 (2001)
Journal Article
El Far, O.; Airas, J. M.; Wischmeyer, E.; Nehring, R.; Karschin, A.; Betz, H.: Interaction of the C-terminal tail region of the metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 with the protein kinase C substrate PICK 1. European Journal of Neuroscience 12, pp. 4215 - 4221 (2000)
Journal Article
Nehring, R.; Horikawa, H. P. M.; El Far, O.; Kneussel, M.; Brandstaetter, J. H.; Stamm, S.; Wischmeyer, E.; Betz, H.; Karschin, A.: The metabotropic GABAB receptor directly interacts with the activating transcription factor 4. Journal of Biological Chemistry 275, pp. 35185 - 35191 (2000)
Journal Article
Nehring, R.; Wischmeyer, E.; Doering, F.; Veh, R. W.; Sheng, M.; Karschin, A.: Neuronal inwardly rectifying K+ channels differentially couple to PDZ proteins of the PSD-95/SAP 90 family. Journal of Neuroscience 20, pp. 156 - 162 (2000)
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