Publications of N. Halemani

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Journal Article
Zilly, F. E.; Halemani, N.; Walrafen, D.; Spitta, L.; Schreiber, A.; Jahn, R.; Lang, T.: Ca2+ induces clustering of membrane proteins in the plasma membrane via electrostatic interactions. EMBO Journal 30 (7), pp. 1209 - 1220 (2011)
Journal Article
Rickman, C.; Medine, C. N.; Dun, A. R.; Moulton, D. J.; Mandula, O.; Halemani, N.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Chamberlain, L. H.; Duncan, R. R.: t-SNARE protein conformations patterned by the lipid microenvironment. The Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (18), pp. 13535 - 13541 (2010)
Journal Article
Halemani, N.; Bethani, I.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Lang, T.: Structure and dynamics of a two-helix SNARE complex in live cells. Traffic 11 (3), pp. 394 - 404 (2010)
Journal Article
Lang, T.; Halemani, N.; Rammner, B.: Interplay between lipids and the proteinaceous membrane fusion machinery. Progress in Lipid Research 47 (6), pp. 461 - 469 (2008)
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