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Du, Z.; Brewster, R.; Merrill, P. H.; Chmielecki, J.; Francis, J.; Aizer, A.; Abedalthagafi, M.; Sholl, L. M.; Geffers, L.; Alexander, B. et al.; Santagata, S.: Meningioma transcription factors link cell lineage with systemic metabolic cues. Neuro-Oncology 20 (10), pp. 1331 - 1343 (2018)
Journal Article
Sisecioglu, M.; Budak, H.; Geffers, L.; Cankaya, M.; Ciftci, M.; Thaller, C.; Eichele, G.; Kufrevioglu, O. I.; Ozdemir, H.: A compendium of expression patterns of cholesterol biosynthetic enzymes in the mouse embryo. Journal of Lipid Research 56 (8), pp. 1551 - 1559 (2015)
Journal Article
Romand, R.; Ripp, R.; Poidevin, L.; Boeglin, M.; Geffers, L.; Dollé, P.; Poch, O.: Integrated annotation and analysis of in situ hybridization images using the ImAnno system: Application to the ear and sensory organs of the fetal mouse. PLOS One 10 (2), e0118024 (2015)
Journal Article
Cui, X.; Geffers, L.; Eichele, G.; Yan, J.: A computational approach to estimate interorgan metabolic transport in a mammal. PLoS One 9 (6), e100963 (2014)
Journal Article
Geffers, L.; Tetzlaff, B.; Cui, X.; Yan, J.; Eichele, G.: METscout: A pathfinder exploring the landscape of metabolites, enzymes and transporters. Nucleic Acids Research 41 (D1), pp. D1047 - D1054 (2013)
Journal Article
Geffers, L.; Hermann, B.; Eichele, G.: Web-based digital gene expression atlases for the mouse. Mammalian Genome 23 (9-10), pp. 525 - 538 (2012)
Journal Article
Diez-Roux, G.; Banfi, S.; Sultan, M.; Geffers, L.; Anand, S.; Rozado, D.; Magen, A.; Canidio, E.; Pagani, M.; Peluso, I. et al.; Lin-Marq, N.; Koch, M.; Bilio, M.; Cantiello, I.; Verde, R.; De Masi, C.; Bianchi, S. A.; Cicchini, J.; Perroud, E.; Mehmeti, S.; Dagand, E.; Schrinner, S.; Nürnberger, A.; Schmidt, K.; Metz, K.; Zwingmann, C.; Brieske, N.; Springer, C.; Martinez Hernandez, A.; Herzog, S.; Grabbe, F.; Sieverding, C.; Fischer, B.; Schrader, K.; Brockmeyer, M.; Dettmer, S.; Helbig, C.; Alunni, V.; Battaini, M. A.; Mura, C.; Henrichsen, C. N.; Garcia-Lopez, R.; Echevvaria, D.; Puelles, E.; Garcia-Galero, E.; Kruse, S.; Uhr, M.; Kauck, C.; Feng, G.; Milyaev, N.; Ong, C. K.; Kumar, L.; Lam, M.; Semple, C. A.; Gyenesei, A.; Mundlos, S.; Radelof, U.; Lehrach, H.; Sarmientos, P.; Reymond, A.; Davidson, D. R.; Dolle, P.; Antonarakis, S. E.; Yaspo, M. L.; Martinez, S.; Baldock, R. A.; Eichele, G.; Ballbio, A.: A high-resolution anatomical atlas of the transcriptome in the mouse embryo. PLoS Biology 9 (1), e1000582 (2011)
Journal Article
Tanaka, K.; Terryn, S.; Geffers, L.; Garbay, S.; Pontoglio, M.; Devuyst, O.: The transcription factor HNF1 alpha regulates expression of chloride-proton exchanger ClC-5 in the renal proximal tubule. American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology 299 (6), pp. F1339 - F1347 (2010)
Journal Article
Santagata, S.; Maire, C. L.; Idbaih, A.; Geffers, L.; Correll, M.; Holton, K.; Quackenbush, J.; Ligon, K. L.: CRX is a diagnostic marker of retinal and pineal lineage tumors. PLoS ONE 4 (11), e7932 (2009)
Journal Article
Parreira, K. S.; Debaix, H.; Cnops, Y.; Geffers, L.; Devuyst, O.: Expression patterns of the aquaporin gene family during renal development: influence of genetic variability. Pfluegers Archiv-European Journal of Physiology 458, pp. 745 - 759 (2009)
Journal Article
Raciti, D.; Reggiani, L.; Geffers, L.; Jiang, Q.; Bacchion, F.; Subrizi, A. E.; Clements, D.; Tindal, C.; Davidson, D. R.; Kaissling, B. et al.; Braendli, A. W.: Organization of the pronephric kidney revealed by large-scale gene expression mapping. Genome Biology 9 (5), R84 (2008)
Journal Article
Rabeler, R.; Mittag, J.; Geffers, L.; Ruether, U.; Leitges, M.; Parlow, A. F.; Visser, T. J.; Bauer, K.: Generation of thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor 1-deficient mice as an animal model of central hypothyroidism. Molecular Endocrinology 18 (6), pp. 1450 - 1460 (2004)

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Book Chapter
Geffers, L.; Eichele, G.: High-throughput in situ hybridization: Systematical production of gene expression data and beyond. In: In situ hybridization methods, pp. 221 - 245 (Ed. Hauptmann, G.). Humana Pr.; Springer, New York (2015)
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