Publications of J. Dapprich

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Journal Article
Preuss, R.; Dapprich, J.; Walter, N.: Probing RNA-protein interactions using pyrene-labeled oligodeoxynucleotides: Q beta replicase efficiently binds small RNAs by recognizing pyrimidine residues. Journal of Molecular Biology 273 (3), pp. 600 - 613 (1997)
Journal Article
Schober, A.; Walter, N.; Tangen, U.; Strunk, G.; Ederhof, T.; Dapprich, J.; Eigen, M.: Multichannel PCR and serial transfer machine as a future tool in evolutionary biotechnology. BioTechniques 18 (4), p. 652 (1995)
Journal Article
Dapprich, J.; McCaskill, J. S.; Voelker, S.; Krause, F.: Fluorescence imaging of evolving RNA in capillaries. Berichte der Bunsen-Gesellschaft-Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 98 (9), p. 1202 - 1202 (1994)
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