Publications of D. S. Richardson

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Journal Article
Richardson, D. S.; Gregor, C.; Winter, F.; Urban, N. T.; Sahl, S. J.; Willig, K. I.; Hell, S. W.: SRpHi ratiometric pH biosensors for super-resolution microscopy. Nature Communications 8, 577 (2017)
Journal Article
Liu , D. l. S.; Nivón, L. G.; Richter, F.; Goldman, P. J.; Deerinck, T. J.; Yao, J. Z.; Richardson, D.; Phipps, W. S.; Ye, A. Z.; Ellisman, M. H. et al.; Drennan, C. L.; Baker, D.; Ting, A. Y.: Computational design of a red fluorophore ligase for site-specific protein labeling in living cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111 (43), pp. E4551 - E4559 (2014)
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