Publications of D. Porschke

Journal Article (83)

Journal Article
Porschke, D.: Dynamics of DNA condensation. Biochemistry 23 (21), pp. 4821 - 4828 (1984)
Journal Article
Porschke, D.; Rauh, H.: Cooperative, excluded-site binding and its dynamics for the interaction of gene 5 protein with polynucleotides. Biochemistry 22 (20), pp. 4737 - 4745 (1983)
Journal Article
Porschke, D.; Ronnenberg, J.: An affinity scale for the interaction of amino acid residues with nucleic acids. Biopolymers 22 (12), pp. 2549 - 2562 (1983)

Book Chapter (11)

Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Electro-optics and macromolecular hydrodynamics. In: Encyclopedia of Biophysics., Vol. Vol. 2. E - I., pp. 640 - 646 (Ed. Roberts, G. C. K.). Springer, New York (2013)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Electro-optical analysis of macromolecular structure and dynamics. In: Spectroscopic methods of analysis, pp. 357 - 373 (Ed. Bujalowski, W. M.). Springer, New York (2012)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.; Antosiewicz, J.: Quantitative molecular electro-optics: Macromolecular structures and their dynamics in solution. In: Molecular and colloidal electro-optics, pp. 59 - 107 (Eds. Stoylov, S. P.; Stoimenova, M. V.). CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fla. (2006)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Molecular electro-optics. In: Protein-Ligand Interactions: Hydrodynamics and Calorimetry: A Practical Approach, pp. 197 - 221. Oxford University Press, Oxford (2001)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Electric Dichroism. In: Methods in Molecular Medicine - Drug-DNA Interactions, pp. 241 - 258 (Ed. Fox, K. R.). Humana Press (1997)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Modes and dynamics of Mg2+-polynucleotide interactions. In: The biological chemistry of magnesium (Ed. Cowan, J. A.). VCH Publishers, New York (1995)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: A new electro-optical instrument for measurements at high salt concentrations. In: Colloid and Molecular Electrooptics (Eds. Jennings, B. R.; Stoylov, S. P.). Institue of Physics Publ., Philadelphia (1992)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Structure and dynamics of nuleic acids and of protein-nucleic acid complexes. In: Structural tools for the analysis of protein nucleic acid complexes (Eds. Lilley, D. M. J.; Heumann, H.; Suck, D.). Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel, Basel (1992)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Model systems for the characterization of protein-nucleic acid interactions. In: Landolt-Börnstein, pp. 264 - 294 (Ed. Saenger, W.). Springer Berlin, Berlin (1990)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Intramolecular collaps of DNA; structure and dynamics. In: Biomolecular Stereodynamics IV, pp. 11 - 20 (Ed. Sarma, R. H.). Guilderland, New York (1986)
Book Chapter
Porschke, D.: Mg 2+-inner sphere complexes at "ends" and "bends" of polynucleotides and their potential role as long range inducers of conformation changes. In: Structure and Dynamics of RNA, pp. 77 - 85 (Ed. Van Knippenberg, P. H.). Plenum, New York (1986)

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Porschke, D.: Physicochemical analysis of protein nucleic-acid interactions - specifity, dynamics and structure. Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler 368 (9), p. 1095 - 1095 (1987)
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