Publications of Choongku Lee

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Rhee, H. J.; Shaib, A. H.; Rehbach, K.; Lee, C.; Seif, P.; Thomas, C.; Gideons, E.; Guenther, A.; Krutenko, T.; Hebisch, M. et al.; Peitz, M.; Brose, N.; Brüstle, O.; Rhee, J.: An autaptic culture system for standardized analyses of iPSC-derived human neurons. Cell Reports 27 (7), pp. 2212 - 2228 (2019)
Journal Article
Lai, Y.; Choi, U. B.; Leitz, J.; Rhee, H. J.; Lee, C.; Altas, B.; Zhao, M.; Pfuetzner, R. A.; Wang, A. L.; Brose, N. et al.; Rhee, J.; Brunger, A. T.: Molecular mechanisms of synaptic vesicle priming by Munc13 and Munc18. Neuron 95 (3), pp. 591 - 607 (2017)
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