Qualification and Apprenticeship

Qualification and Apprenticeship

Recognized qualification in the handling of laboratory animals

Comprehensive qualification for all employees who work with laboratory animals is not only required by law, but is also a major concern of the institute. The Animal Facility at the MPI-NAT therefore offers qualifying courses several times a year for all colleagues who work with animals at the institute. This offer is mainly used by scientists, but also by technical assistants who want to broaden and deepen their knowledge. The course includes skills of expert handling of animals and the required experimental techniques as well as comprehensive knowledge from anatomy to hygiene and pain recognition. 

Basic course: Species mouse, additionally various advanced modules.

  • Duration of the course: one week, plus various dates for preparation and follow-up work
  • Theory and practice
  • In the practical parts: Intensive and individual supervision by experienced staff

Our course is certified by the German Society for Laboratory Animal Science GV-SOLAS. It is recognized as a qualification by the licensing and supervisory authorities.


The Animal Facility successfully trains animal caretakers in the research and clinical fields. Trainees in the Animal Facility have received awards for their above-average performance and great commitment, as have the trainers. In 2011, the Max Planck Society recognized the Animal Facility at the Faßberg Campus as an outstanding training facility.

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