Science Seminars

Science Seminars

The PhD Community wishes to encourage collaborations, widen the horizons of scientists beyond their respective fields, and raise some questions related to science and its impact. This is why the Scientific Activities Workgroup takes over the task of organizing events on scientific-centered themes, hoping to generate ideas and discussions that lead to concrete suggestions for the revolution of science culture in our campus and even beyond.

Director seminar series: Are you curious to discover what research is being conducted in the various groups and departments of our campus? Would you be interested to meet our world-famous directors in person? In addition to the Campus seminar series, this year the department directors and research group leaders will be invited to give an overview of their work through seminars.

Site visits: Did you ever wonder what is going on in the neighboring lab but were too shy to ask? This coming year, PhD Community brings you the opportunity to see beyond the walls of your lab. Complementary to our seminar series, you will be able to see “where the magic happens” in site visits in different laboratories. The site visits will be held on a periodic basis and will last for a few hours. Their goal is to give students and scientific workers of our campus the opportunity to become aware of the various research interests, professional skills and technical resources (e.g. machines and services) present on campus. This will hopefully stimulate discussion between professionals originating from different disciplines and potential interdisciplinary collaborations.

Discussion group: Did you ever question the structure of the current academic system, the life in scientific world or the current state of publishing? We will organize guided discussion meetings to exchange ideas on the conduct and impact of science and scientific activities, surrounding such topics as Open Science, Publish or Perish, Life in Research, or any topic of interest related to academic research.

For more information, please contact Dragomir Milovanvic.

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