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Journal Article
Overlack, K.; Bange, T.; Weissmann, F.; Faesen, A. C.; Maffini, S.; Primorac, I.; Müller, F.; Peters, J. M.; Musaccio, A.: BubR1 promotes Bub3-dependent APC/C inhibition during Spindle Assembly Checkpoint signaling. Current Biology 27 (19), pp. 2915 - 2927 (2017)
Journal Article
Faesen, A. C.; Thanasoula, M.; Maffini, S.; Breit, C.; Müller, F.; va Gerwen, S.; Bange, T.; Musacchio, A.: Basis of catalytic assembly of the mitotic checkpoint complex. Nature 542 (7642), pp. 498 - 502 (2017)
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