Uri Weill

Uri Weill



Tel. +49 551 201-26117

I am interested in stem cell dynamics and genetic transgenesis.Since my military service in the Israeli navy, where I was a professional underwater diver, I found myself fascinated with marine life. That is why I decided to do a BSc in marine biotechnology at the Ruppin academic center where I performed research on the selective eating habits of tunicates and clams.During my PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science, I changed course and worked on creating and investigating genome wide N’ GFP tagged yeast collections. Since joining the Rink department, I came back to my love of investigating marine animals – planarian flatworms.  I received an EMBO long-term post-doc fellowship for a project in which I am utilizing a newly assembled strain collection of the planarian Schmidtea polychroa, where I transplant tissue form one strain to the other to induce stem cell heterogeneity by creating chimeric worms and investigating stem cell dynamics between clonal populations. In addition, I am part of a team in the lab that works to achieve genetic transgenesis in planerians by using new physical and chemical methodologies.

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