Information for Students

Information for Students

You are looking for an exciting Bachelor, Master or PhD project? You are interested in fundamental research and current topics at the interface between laser optics, quantum physics and solid-state physics?

Then we are looking forward to talk with you about possible projects. Become part of a committed team, which researches on new physical phenomena, develops modern measurement techniques and conducts challenging experiments.

Our wide range of topics includes:

  • Imaging of dynamic processes in materials and on surfaces with the shortest electron pulses
  • Research of new phenomena in quantum optics via individual electrons and photons
  • Ultrafast nanoscopy with extreme ultraviolet laser pulses

In our research we use different, partially self-developed instruments and devices, which we continuously improve and adapt. This includes for example the combination of pulsed lasers with electron microscopes to build own electron sources with optimized properties. Some of our setups in our labs were and still are unique worldwide. This allows us to conduct new experiments and find interesting phenomena.

Our group is separated into multiple teams, which are focused on one technology:

  • UTEM – Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • ULEED – Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction
  • UHM – Ultrafast High-Harmonic Microscopy

A current new development is an ultrafast low-energy electron microscope (ULEEM), with which we can observe dynamical processes in the topmost atomic layer of a material with high spatial and temporal resolution.

When you conduct a project in our group you will work on current research topics, supervised by qualified researchers. This can include setting up new experiments, analysing interesting material systems, collecting and analysing of data, or programming new software or simulations. This will make you an integral part of our group and the individual project team.

Bachelor, Master and PhD project are open in every team (ULEED, ULEEM, UHM, UTEM). Just come by, or write a short email named “Projektanfrage”. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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