Florian Aust

Position: PhD student

Home town: Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Freetime interests: bouldering, cooking, gardening & indoor plants


I finished my BSc studies in Biochemistry at the Georg-August University Göttingen, followed by a master’s degree in the IMPRS Molecular Biology. During this time, I discovered my fascination for protein complexes, their organization and regulation. In my MSc thesis in the lab of Dr. Alex Faesen, I reconstituted and characterized the PI3P kinase complex, which is part of the autophagy initiation machinery. The city of Göttingen and its excellent scientific environment grew on me during these six years. I joined Dr. Sonja Lorenz’ lab in August of 2023 to study E3 HECT ligases during my PhD, combining two things close to my heart: Complex protein machineries and the beautiful city of Göttingen.

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