Felix Peters

Position: PhD student

Place of birth: Berlin, Germany

Freetime favourites: cooking after a long lab day, hiking in the great Austrian mountains, huge aficionado of Danish fashion, and soccer (passive ;-))

The personal motivation that drives my scientific career is the exciting area of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. I was introduced to this wide‑ranging but target‑oriented research field during my studies of Biotechnology (B.Sc.) and Molecular Biotechnology (M.Sc.) in Senftenberg and Vienna, respectively. In particular, I am interested in the application of biophysical and biochemical methods for drug discovery and gained experience with these techniques during my Master thesis research at the University of Copenhagen under the supervision of Dr. Anders Bach. To develop new therapeutic approaches, a scientific understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms is indispensable. Hence, I investigate the fascinating regulatory mechanisms of the ubiquitin system during my PhD studies in the Lorenz’ lab, which I joined in 2022. I am specifically excited to explore molecular interactions at the atomic level and their associated cellular effects.

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