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Nguyen Truong, C. Q.; Nestvogel, D.; Ratai, O.; Schirra, C.; Stevens, D. R.; Brose, N.; Rhee, J.; Rettig, J.: Secretory vesicle priming by CAPS is independent of the SNARE-bind MUN domain. Cell Reports 9 (3), pp. 902 - 909 (2014)
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Imig, C.; Min, S.-W.; Krinner, S.; Arancillo, M.; Rosenmund, C.; Südhof, T. C.; Rhee, J.; Brose, N.; Cooper, B. H.: The morphological and molecular nature of synaptic vesicle priming at presynaptic active zones. Neuron 84 (2), pp. 416 - 431 (2014)
Journal Article
Hsia, H.-E.; Kumar, R.; Luca, R.; Takeda, M.; Courchet, J.; Nakashima, J.; Wu, S.; Goebbels, S.; An, W.; Eickholt, B. J. et al.; Polleux, F.; Rotin, D.; Wu, H.; Rossner, M. J.; Bagni, C.; Rhee, J.-S.; Brose, N.; Kawabe, H.: Ubiquitin E3 ligase Nedd4-1 acts as a downstream target of PI3K/PTEN-mTORC1 signaling to promote neurite growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA 111 (36), pp. 13205 - 13210 (2014)
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