Publications of C. L. Will

Journal Article (64)

Journal Article
Will, C. L.; Luehrmann, R.: RNP remodeling with DExH/D Boxes. Science 291, pp. 1916 - 1917 (2001)
Journal Article
Will, C. L.; Schneider, C.; MacMilan, A. M.; Neubauer, G.; Wilm, M.; Luehrmann, R.; Query, C. C.: A novel U2 and U11/U12 snRNP protein that associates with the pre-mRNA branch site. EMBO Journal 20, pp. 4536 - 4546 (2001)
Journal Article
Segault, V.; Will, C. L.; Polycarpou-Schwarz, M.; Mattaj, I. W.; Branlant, C.; Luehrmann, R.: Conserved loop I of U5 snRNA is dispensible for both catalytic steps of pre-mRNA splicing in HeLa nuclear extracts. Molecular and Cellular Biology 19, pp. 2782 - 2790 (1999)
Journal Article
Will, C. L.; Schneider, C.; Reed, R.; Luehrmann, R.: Identification of both shared and distinct proteins in the major and minor spliceosomes. Science 284, pp. 2003 - 2005 (1999)

Book (1)

Will, C. L.; Luehrmann, R.: Alternative Splicing. Wiley-VCH, New York (1999)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Dannenberg, J.; Fabrizio, P.; Will, C. L.; Lührmann, R.: Affinity purification of spliceosomal and small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complexes. In: Handbook of RNA biochemistry, Vol. 2, 2. ed. Ed., pp. 957 - 973 (Eds. Hartmann, R. K.; Bindereif, A.; Schön, A.). Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (2013)
Book Chapter
Will, C. L.; Lührmann, R.: Spliceosome structure and function. In: RNA worlds: From life's origins to diversity in gene regulation., pp. 181 - 203 (Eds. Atkins, J. F.; Gesteland, R. F.; Cech, T. R.). Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Pr., Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. (2011)
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