Publications of R. Treichel

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Weller, A.; Staerk, H.; Treichel, R.: Magnetic-field effects on geminate radical-pair recombination. Faraday Discussions of the Chemical Society 78, pp. 271 - 278 (1984)
Journal Article
Staerk, H.; Treichel, R.; Weller, A.: Life uncertainty broadening in photoinduced electron transfer. Chemical Physics Letters 96 (1), pp. 28 - 30 (1983)
Journal Article
Treichel, R.; Staerk, H.; Weller, A.: Magnetic field effect measurements by time-selective absorption sampling. Applied Physics B 31 (1), pp. 15 - 17 (1983)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Staerk, H.; Treichel, R.; Weller, A.: Polymethylene-linked radical ion pairs in magnetic fields. In: Biophysical effects of steady magnetic fields, pp. 85 - 89 (Ed. Maret, G.). Springer, Berlin (1986)
Book Chapter
Staerk, H.; Kühnle, W.; Mitzkus, R.; Treichel, R.; Weller, A.: Photoinduced eletron transfer in polymethylene linked donor-acceptor compounds: A-(CH2)n-D. In: Ultrafast Phenomena IV, pp. 380 - 382 (Eds. Auston, D. H.; Eisenthal, K. B.). Springer, Berlin (1984)
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