Publications of W. Jahn

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Journal Article
Jahn, W.; Strey, R.: Microstructure of microemulsions by freeze fracture electron microscopy. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 92 (8), pp. 2294 - 2301 (1988)
Journal Article
Kahlweit, M.; Strey, R.; Haase, D.; Kunieda, T.; Schmeling, B.; Faulhaber, B.; Borkovec, M.H. F.; Eicke; Busse, G.; Eggers, F. et al.; Funck, T.; Richmann, K. H.; Magid, L.; Söderman, O.; Stilbs, P.; Winkler, J.; Dittrich, A.; Jahn, W.: How to study microemulsions. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 118 (2), pp. 436 - 453 (1987)
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