Publications of D. Hoerstermann

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Journal Article
Merboldt, K. D.; Hoerstermann, D.; Haenicke, W.; Bruhn, H.; Frahm, J.: Molecular self-diffusion of intracellular metabolites in rat brain in vivo investigated by localized proton NMR diffusion spectroscopy. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 29 (1), pp. 125 - 129 (1993)
Journal Article
Gyngell, M. L.; Michaelis, T.; Hoerstermann, D.; Bruhn, H.; Haenicke, W.; Merboldt, K. D.; Frahm, J.: Cerebral glucose is detectable by localized proton NMR spectroscopy in normal rat brain in vivo. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 19 (2), pp. 489 - 495 (1991)
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