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Ossler, F.; Vallenhag, L.; Canton, S. E.; Larsson, J.; Sondhaus, P.: Combined in situ small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering studies of particle formation processes in reactive systems using a new detector prototype. Annual World Conference an Carbon, Clauson (SC) South Carolina, July 11, 2010 - July 16, 2010. Carbon 10 Presentations-Extended Abstacts 10, (2010)
Conference Paper
Ossler, F.; Canton, S. E.; Larsson, J.: In situ-measurements of the dynamics of nanoparticle formation with subnanometer structural resolutions based on X-ray scattering diagnostics using a new detector prototyp. Annual World Conference on Carbon, Biaritz, June 14, 2009 - June 19, 2009. Carbon 09 Presentations-Extended Abstracts, (2009)
Conference Paper
Sipos, P.; Zeller, D.; Kuzmann, E.; Vertes, A.; Walczak , M.; Canton, S. E.; Hormonnay, Z.: Mössbauer and EXAFS study of Fe(III) ions strongly alkaline aqueous solutions. Journal of Physical Conference Series, (2009)
Conference Paper
Srankó, D.; Pallagi, A.; Pálinkó, I.; Kuzmann, E.; Canton, S. E.; Walczak, M.; Sipos, P.: Synthesis and structural features of a novell Ba(II)-Fe(III) layered double hydroxide. 22th International Conference on Coordination and Bioinorganic Chemistry, Smolennice, Slovakia, June 07, 2009 - June 12, 2009. Insights into Coordination, Bioorganic and Applied Inorganic Chemistry, (2009)
Conference Paper
Ossler, F.; Canton, S. E.; Larrson, J.: In situ measurements of the dynamics of soot formation with subnanometer structural resolution based on X-ray scattering diagnostics using a new detector prototype. The 236th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA, August 17, 2008 - August 21, 2008. American Chemical Society 130, F144, (2008)
Conference Paper
Wuilleumier, F. J.; Cubaynes, D.; Meyer, M.; Canton, S. E.; Kennedy, E.; Bozek, J.; Bizau, J. M.; Berrah, N.: New results in photoionization of laser‐excited atoms. AIP Conference Proceedings 680, 124, (2003)
Conference Paper
Aguilar, A. M.; Convington, E. D.; Emmons, M. F.; Gharaibeh, I.; Alvarez, C.; Cisneros, G.; Hinojosa, I.; Dominguez, G.; Ackermann, J.; Bozek, J. D. et al.; Canton, S. E.; Rude, B.; SantÀnna, M. M.; Schlachter, A. S.; Folkmann, F.; Phaneuf, R. A.: High resolution measurements of photoionization of ions using synchroton radiation. AIP Conference Proceedings 680, 534, (2003)
Conference Paper
Lohmann, B.; Langer, B.; Snell, G.; Kleiman, U.; Canton, S. E.; Martins, M.; Becker, U.; Berrah, .: Angle and spin resolved analysis of the resonantly excited Ar*(2p−13/24s1/2)J=1 Auger decay. AIP Conference Proceedings 697, 133, (2003)

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Canton, S. E.; Yencha, A. J.; Kukk , E.; Bozek , J. D.; Lopes , M. C. A.; Snell, G.; Berrah, N.: Comment on "Experimental evidence of a dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in C-60(+)" - Reply, Physical Reviwe Letters 90, (2003)
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