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Conference Paper
Rudati, J. I.; Fuoss, P.; Mills, D.; Stephenson, B.; Young, L.; Kanter, E. P.; Southworth, S.; Chen, L.; Adams, B.; Moffat, K. et al.; Pahl, R.; Cavalieri, A.; Fritz, D.; Lee, S.; Bucksbaum, P. H.; Reis, D. A.; Lindenberg, A.; Gaffney, K.; Krejcik, P.; Luening, K.; Arthur, J.; Brenna, S.; Hastings, J.; Emma, P.; Tatchyn, R.; Ishii, H.; Ischebeck, R.; Schlarb, H.; Schneider, J.; Tschentscher, T.; Techert, S.; Blome, C.; Schulte-Schrepping, H.; Hignette, O.; Settle, F.; MacPhee, A.; Lowney, D.; Matthews, T.; Falcone, R.; Larsson, J.; Synnergreen, O.; Als-Nielsen, J.; Siddons, D. P.; Kao, C.; Hajdu, J.; Spoel, D.; Chapman, H.; Calleman, C.; Bergh, M.; Huldt, G.: SPPS and multiphoton processes. 2nd IUPAP international conference on women in physics, Rio de Janeiro, May 23, 2005 - May 25, 2005. American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, p. 212 - 212 (2005)
Conference Paper
Durand, P.; Techert, S.: Structural and spectroscopic properties in the (CH3NH3)2Mn1-xMxCl4 (0 <= x <= 1) system with M = Co or Cu. Acta Crystallographica A 60, p. S77 - S77 (2004)
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