Publications of B. B. Lee

Conference Paper (4)

Conference Paper
Seim, T.; Valberg, A.; Lee, B. B.: A neural model of lightness and brightness scaling. Perception 36 (Suppl. S), p. 212 - 212 (2007)
Conference Paper
Sun, H.; Smithson, H.; Lee, B. B.; Zaidi, Q.: A new technique for measuring cone inputs to visual neurons. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 45 (Suppl. 2), p. U413 - U413 (2004)
Conference Paper
Lee, B. B.; Westheimer, G.; Wehrhahn, C.; Kremers, J.: Macaque ganglion cell responses to a stimulus that elicits hyperacuity in man. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 33 (4), p. 1343 - 1343 (1992)
Conference Paper
Kremers, J.; Lee, B. B.; Kaiser, P. K.: Sensitivity of Macaque ganglion-cells and human-subjects to mixed luminance and chromatic modulation. Perception 19 (3), p. 334 - 334 (1990)
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