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Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; St-Onge, L.; Gruss, P.: Role of PAX genes in endoderm-derived organs. Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism 10, pp. 164 - 167 (1999)
Journal Article
Yokota, Y.; Mansouri, A.; Mori, S.; Sugawara, S.; Adachi, S.; Nishikawa, S.; Gruss, P.: Development of peripheral lymphoid organs and natural killer cells depends on the helix-loop-helix inhibitor Id2. Nature 397, pp. 702 - 706 (1999)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.: The Role of Pax3 and Pax7 in development and Cancer. Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis 9, pp. 141 - 149 (1998)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; Chowdhury, K.; Gruss, P.: Follicular cells of the thyroid gland require Pax8 gene function. Nature Genetics 19, pp. 87 - 90 (1998)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; Gruss, P.: Pax3 and Pax7 are expressed in commissural neurons and restrict ventral neuronal identity in the spinal cord. Mechanisms of Development 78, pp. 171 - 178 (1998)
Journal Article
Wehr, R.; Mansouri, A.; De Maeyer, T.; Gruss, P.: Fkh5-deficient mice show dysgenesis in the caudal midbrain and hypothalamic mammillary body. Development 124 (22), pp. 4447 - 4456 (1997)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; Yokota, Y.; Wehr, R.; Copeland, N. G.; Jenkins, N. A.; Gruss, P.: Paired-related murine homeobox gene expressed in the developing sclerotome, kidney, and nervous system. Developmental Dynamics 210 (1), pp. 53 - 65 (1997)
Journal Article
St-Onge, L.; Sosa-Pineda, B.; Chowdhury, K.; Mansouri, A.; Gruss, P.: Pax6 Is required for differentiation of glucagon-producing alpha-cells in mouse pancreas. Nature 387 (6631), pp. 406 - 409 (1997)
Journal Article
Yamada, G.; Ueno, K.; Nakamura, S.; Hanamure, Y.; Yasui, K.; Uemura, M.; Eizuru, Y.; Mansouri, A.; Blum, M.; Sugimura, K.: Nasal and pharyngeal abnormalities caused by the mouse Goosecoid gene mutation. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 233 (1), pp. 161 - 165 (1997)
Journal Article
Torres, M.; Stoykova, A.; Huber, O.; Chowdhury, K.; Bonaldo, P.; Mansouri, A.; Butz, S.; Kemler, R.; Gruss, P.: An alpha-E-catenin gene trap mutation defines its function in preimplantation development. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 94 (3), pp. 901 - 906 (1997)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; Hallonet, M.; Gruss, P.: Pax genes and their roles in cell differentiation and development. Current Opinion in Cell Biology 8 (6), pp. 851 - 857 (1996)
Journal Article
Pellegrini, M.; Mansouri, A.; Simeone, A.; Boncinelli, E.; Gruss, P.: Dentate gyrus formation requires Emx2. Development 122 (12), pp. 3893 - 3898 (1996)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; Stoykova, A.; Torres, M.; Gruss, P.: Dysgenesis of cephalic neural crest derivatives in Pax7(-/-) mutant mice. Development 122 (3), pp. 831 - 838 (1996)
Journal Article
Yamada, G.; Mansouri, A.; Torres, M.; Stuart, E. T.; Blum, M.; Schultz, M.; Derobertis, E. M.; Gruss, P.: Targeted mutation of the murine goosecoid gene results in craniofacial defects and neonatal death. Development 121 (9), pp. 2917 - 2922 (1995)
Journal Article
Gruss, P.; Tremblay, P.; Bober, E.; Arnold, H. H.; Mansouri, A.: The role of Pax genes in mammalian development. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry (Suppl. Suppl. 18D), p. 464 - 464 (1994)
Journal Article
Mansouri, A.; Stoykova, A.; Gruss, P.: Pax genes in development. Journal of Cell Science (Suppl. Suppl. 18), pp. 35 - 42 (1994)

Book (1)

Starkey, M. P.; Elaswarapu, R. (Eds.): Determination of gene function by homologous recombination using embryonic stem cells/knockout mice. Humana Press, Totowa (2001)

Thesis - Habilitation (1)

Thesis - Habilitation
Mansouri, A.: Funktionelle Analyse der Pax-Gene. Habilitation, Göttingen (1999)

Other (1)

Mansouri, A.: Knockout and Knock-in animals, (2001)

Editorial (1)

Pfeifer, A.; Courtney, M.; Ben-Othman, N.; Al-Hasani, K.; Gjernes, E.; Vieira, A.; Druelle, N.; Avolio, F.; Faurite, B.; Mansouri, A. et al.; Collombat, P.: Induction of multiple cycles of pancreatic ß-cell replacement. Cell Cycle 12 (20), pp. 3243 - 3244 (2013)
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