Publications of E. Neher

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Conference Paper
Neher, E.: Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate and GTP-gamma-S induce calcium transients in isolated rat peritoneal masst-cells. Journal of Physiology 381, p. P71 - P71 (1986)
Conference Paper
Almers, W.; Neher, E.: [CA++]I changes in single-rat peritoneal mast-cells measured with the fluorescent CA indicator fura-2. Biophysical Journal 49 (2), p. A338 - A338 (1986)
Conference Paper
Almers, W.; Neher, E.: CA-2+ induced membrane capacity changes in rat peritoneal mast cells. Journal of Physiology 369, p. P95 - P95 (1985)
Conference Paper
Neher, E.: Ion channels and secretion-studies with the patch clamp technique. Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 124 (Suppl 542), p. 75 - 75 (1985)
Conference Paper
Neher, E.; Fernandez, J.; Gomperts, B. D.: Changes in surface-area of mast-cells during secretion depend on guanine-nucleotides. Biophysical Journal 47 (2), p. A481 - A481 (1985)
Conference Paper
Neher, E.; Marty, A.: BAPTA, unlike EGTA efficiently suppresses CA-transient in chromaffin cells. Biophysical Journal 47 (2), p. A278 - A278 (1985)
Conference Paper
Clapham, D.; Neher, E.: Changes in cell capacitance used to measure exocytosis are prevented by the calmodulin inhibitor, trifluoperazine. Biophysical Journal 45 (2), p. A395 - A395 (1984)
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