Publikationen von Yehor Horokhovskyi

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Jentoft, I. M. A.; Bäuerlein, F. J.B.; Welp, L. M.; Cooper, B. H.; Petrovic, A.; So, C.; Penir, S. M.; Politi, A. Z.; Horokhovskyi, Y.; Takala, I. et al.; Eckel, H.; Moltrecht, R.; Lenart, P.; Cavazza, T.; Liepe, J.; Brose, N.; Urlaub, H.; Fernández-Busnadiego, R.; Schuh, M.: Mammalian oocytes store proteins for the early embryo on cytoplasmic lattices. Cell (2023)
Cormican, J. A.; Horokhovskyi, Y.; Soh, W. T.; Mishto, M.; Liepe, J.: inSPIRE: An open-source tool for increased mass spectrometry identification rates using Prosit spectral prediction. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 21 (12), 100432 (2022)
Mishto, M.; Horokhovskyi, Y.; Cormican, J. A.; Yang, X.; Lynham, S.; Urlaub, H.; Liepe, J.: Database search engines and target database features impinge upon the identification of post‐translationally cis‐spliced peptides in HLA class I immunopeptidomes. Proteomics 22 (10), e2100226 (2022)
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