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Lüders, K. A.; Nessler, S.; Kusch, K.; Patzig, J.; Jung, R. B.; Möbius, W.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H. B.: Maintenance of high proteolipid protein level in adult central nervous system myelin is required to preserve the integrity of myelin and axons. Glia 67 (4), S. 634 - 649 (2019)
Lüders, K. A.; Patzig, J.; Simons, M.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H. B.: Genetic dissection of oligodendroglial and neuronal Plp1 function in a novel mouse model of spastic paraplegia type 2. Glia 65 (11), S. 1762 - 1776 (2017)
Patzig, J.; Kusch, K.; Fledrich, R.; Eichel, M. A.; Lüders, K. A.; Möbius, W.; Sereda, M. W.; Nave, K.-A.; Martini, R.; Werner, H. B.: Proteolipid protein modulates preservation of peripheral axons and premature death when myelin protein zero is lacking. Glia 64 (1), S. 155 - 174 (2015)
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