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Fang, P.; Ji , Y.; Silbern, I.; Viner, R.; Oellerich, T.; Pan, K. T.; Urlaub, H.: Evaluation and optimization of high-field asymmetric waveform ion-mobility spectrometry for multiplexed quantitative site-specific N-glycoproteomics. Analytical Chemistry 93 (25), S. 8846 - 8855 (2021)
Lugassy, J.; Corso, J.; Beach, D.; Petrik, T.; Oellerich, T.; Urlaub, H.; Yablonski, D.: Modulation of TCR responsiveness by the Grb2-family adaptor, Gads. Cellular Signalling 27 (1), S. 125 - 134 (2015)
Batsukh, T.; Schulz, Y.; Wolf, S.; Rabe, T. I.; Oellerich, T.; Urlaub, H.; Schaefer , I. M.; Pauli, S.: Identification and characterization of FAM124B as a novel component of a CHD7 and CHD8 containing complex. PLoS One 7, 0052460 (2012)
Schnyder, T.; Castello, A.; Feest, C.; Harwood, N. E.; Oellerich, T.; Urlaub, H.; Engelke, M.; Wienands, J.; Bruckbauer, A.; Batista, F. D.: B cell receptor-mediated antigen gathering requires ubiquitin ligase Cbl and adaptors Grb2 and Dok-3 to recruit dynein to the signaling microcluster. Immunity 34 (6), S. 905 - 918 (2011)

Konferenzbeitrag (2)

Doebele , C.; Corso, J.; Cremer , A.; Muench , S.; Beck, J.; Lenz, C.; Bohnenberger, H.; Wachter, A.; Beissbarth, T.; Schutz , E. et al.; Serve , H.; Urlaub, H.; Oellerich, T.: Elucidation of B cell receptor signaling in Burkitt's lymphoma reveals novel signaling nodes with potential therapeutic relevance. 106th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-for-Cancer-Research (AACR), Philadelphia, PA, 18. April 2015 - 22. April 2015. Cancer Research 75 (Suppl. 15), 50, (2015)
Castello, A.; Engelke, M.; Tucholski, J.; Oellerich, T.; Tafuri, A.; Pawson, T.; Batista, F.: Nck proteins are recruited directly to the BCR and regulate PI3K signaling thereby shaping B cell immune responses. 100th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-of-Immunologists, Honolulu/HI, 03. Mai 2013 - 07. Mai 2013. Journal of Immunology 190, P1154, (2013)
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