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Journal Article
Daguano Gastaldi, V.; Wilke, J. B. H.; Weidinger, C. A.; Walter, C.; Barnkothe, N.; Teegen, B.; Luessi, F.; Stöcker, W.; Lühder, F.; Begemann, M. et al.; Zipp, F.; Nave, K.-A.; Ehrenreich, H.: Factors predisposing to humoral autoimmunity against brain-antigens in health and disease Analysis of 49 autoantibodies in over 7000 subjects. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, in press (2022)
Journal Article
Ehrenreich, H.; Daguano Gastaldi, V.; Wilke, J. B. H.: Quo Vaditis Anti-Brain Autoantibodies: Causes, Consequences, or Epiphenomena? Biological Psychiatry 92 (4), pp. P254 - 255 (2022)
Journal Article
Steixner-Kumar, A. A.; Daguano Gastaldi, V.; Seidel, J.; Rosenberger, A.; Begemann, M.; Ehrenreich, H.: Preadult polytoxicomania—strong environmental underpinnings and first genetic hints. Molecular Psychiatry 26 (7), pp. 3211 - 3222 (2021)
Journal Article
Begemann, M.; Gross, O.; Wincewicz, D.; Hardeland, R.; Daguano Gastaldi, V.; Vieta, E.; Weissenborn, K.; Miskowiak, K. W.; Moerer, O.; Ehrenreich, H.: Addressing the ‘hypoxia paradox’ in severe COVID-19: literature review and report of four cases treated with erythropoietin analogues. Molecular Medicine 27, 120 (2021)
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