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Institute Booklet (Web View)
Our current instute booklet from December 2016 is available in German and English. It reports on our current research activities and provides many interesting facts about our institute. Enjoy reading it!
Institute Booklet (Printable Version)
Please find a printable PDF version of our institute's booklet here. You can download the document by clicking on the image to the left.
Yearbooks of the Max Planck Society
Recent reports on research at the institute can be found in the Jahrbuch (Yearbook) of the Max Planck Society.

MaxPlanckResearch Magazine
Articles about researchers at the institute can be found in the magazine MaxPlanckResearch by the Max Planck Society. The research magazine can be ordered free of charge in printed version from the Max Planck Society or downloaded as PDF by clicking on image to the left.

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