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Journal Article
Seemann, J.; Weber, K.; Osborn, M.; Parton, R. G.; Gerke, V.: The association of annexin I with early endosomes is regulated by Ca2+ and requires an intact N-terminal domain. Molecular Biology of the Cell 7 (9), pp. 1359 - 1374 (1996)
Journal Article
Gueth-Hallonet, C.; Weber, K.; Osborn, M.: NuMA: A bipartite nuclear location signal and other functional properties of the tail domain. Experimental Cell Research 225 (1), pp. 207 - 218 (1996)
Journal Article
Domagala, W.; Markiewski, M.; Harezga, B.; Dukowicz, A.; Osborn, M.: Prognostic significance of tumor cell proliferation rate as determined by the MIB-1 antibody in breast carcinoma: Its relationship with vimentin and p53 protein. Clinical Cancer Research 2 (1), pp. 147 - 154 (1996)
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