Stefan Hell and his research

Live-cell imaging with parallelized RESOLFT nanoscopy. The image shows a RESOLFT recording of PtK2 cells expressing the fusion protein keratin 19–rsEGFP(N205S). The image is based on recording 144 frames, the total image acquisition time was on the order of a second. Scale bar: 10 μm.

Two-color STED image of a glioblastoma, the most frequent malignant brain tumor in adults. Clathrin protein is green; ß-tubulin protein is stained red. In contrast to the blurred classical image (left), the STED image (right) shows considerably finer structures.

The STED microscopy (circular inset image) provides approximately ten times sharper details of filament structures within a nerve cell compared to a conventional light microscope (outer image).

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