Otto Hahn congratulates the just announced Nobel Laureate Manfred Eigen.
Manfred Eigen and Max Delbrück discussing science at the institute's inauguration.
Manfred Eigen in his office in 1975.
Manfred Eigen during a lecture in 1979.
Accompanied by the chamber orchestra of Mainz, Manfred Eigen plays the A major piano concert KV 414 by Mozart at the Max Planck Society's general meeting.
Manfred Eigen in 2001.
Manfred Eigen with his later wife Ruthild Oswatitsch-Eigen in summer 2010.
Manfred Eigen in 2010.
Manfred Eigen at the Nobel Prize Party in honor of Stefan Hell (right) at the institute on December 18, 2014, together with Erwin Neher (left) and Max Planck President Martin Stratmann.
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