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Andreas, L. B.; Stanek, J.; Le Marchand, T.; Bertarello, A.; Paepe, D. C. D.; Lalli, D.; Krejcikova, M.; Doyen, C.; Oster, C.; Knott, B. et al.; Wegner, S.; Engelke, F.; Felli, I. C.; Pierattelli, R.; Dixon, N. E.; Emsley, L.; Herrmann, T.; Pintacuda, G.: Protein residue linking in a single spectrum for magic-angle spinning NMR assignment. Journal of Biomolecular NMR 62 (3), S. 253 - 261 (2015)
Andreas, L. B.; Le Marchand, T.; Jaudzems, K.; Pintacuda, G.: High-resolution proton-detected NMR of proteins at very fast MAS. Journal of Magnetic Resonance 253, S. 36 - 49 (2015)
Andreas, L. B.; Reese, M.; Eddy, M. T.; Gelev, V.; Ni, Q. Z.; Miller, E. A.; Emsley, L.; Pintacuda, G.; Chou, J. J.; Griffin, R. G.: Structure and mechanism of the influenza A M2(18-60) dimer of dimers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (47), S. 14877 - 14886 (2015)
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