Getting a taste of the future

April 25, 2024

About 90 girls and boys get to know different areas of work at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Multidisciplinary Sciences on the Future Day.

What does the DNA of a banana look like? How does a computer work? How do you engrave words into a hair? At the Future Day for girls and boys on April 25, the young participants were given an insight into scientific and non-scientific work at the MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences.

“The Future Day is a great opportunity to show children and young people what it means to work in the natural sciences,” says Johanna Pfüller, organizer of the event at the institute. In addition to research in laboratories, on high-performance computers, or with lasers, this also includes duties in workshops or animal facility. “Everyday life at a research institute like ours has many facets. We hope that we were able to give the students a good impression of this.”

Next year, the MPI for Multidisciplinary Sciences will once again open its doors to interested students. The offers will be published on the website in January. (kf)

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