Location of the symposium “Future of NMR spectroscopy and more”

The lectures will take place at the Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences in Göttingen, Fassberg Campus (Manfred Eigen Lecture Hall, Prandtl Lecture Hall).

How to find us: https://www.mpinat.mpg.de/contact-fassbergcampus

List of hotels for accommodation:

GHOTEL hotel & living Göttingen: goettingen@ghotel.de

FREIgeist Innenstadt : info@freigeist-goettingen.de

B & B Hotel Göttingen City: goettingen-city@hotelbb.com

Best Western Hotel am Papenberg : info@papenberg.bestwestern.de

Hotel Central Göttingen : info@hotel-central.com

Eden-Hotel : rezeption@eden-hotel.de

FREIgeist Nordstadt: info@freigeist-nordstadt.de

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