Facility for Synthetic Chemistry

The Facility for Synthetic Chemistry offers an opportunity to synthesize and analyze organic compounds required in the departments of this institute and associated groups.

NMR  (1H, 13C, 31P, 19F)

400 MHz 1H

1D, 2D


190-800 nm, diode array (DAD)

analytic, preparative


m/z 50-3500 Da

Ion Trap


190-800 nm, DAD,  m/z 50-2000



m/z 50-1050

EI / CI (CH4); direct inj.


7,800 – 350 cm-1



200-800 nm



200-900 nm


NanoDrop One

quantification DNA-, RNA-

protein samples


for chemical synthesis


Flash chromatography

Interchim and Büchi


Water titration

according to Karl Fischer


For placing the order, the chemical structure and the required amount of the compound are sufficient. The search in external databanks (Sci Finder®, ACS) will give information on commercial sources (or their absence) and synthetic procedures related to the needed structure. If the synthesis scheme is unavailable, the facility will evaluate the feasibility of the preparation and possible amounts of the final product. The rich experience in organic synthesis and the availability of internal databanks enable to achieve high success rate (>90% of the syntheses). The electronic laboratory journal registers the structures of all compounds, synthetic details related to the proved organic transformations and spectra of all substances (with signal assignments). The facility provides complete data sets (with interpretation) required for the experimental parts and/or Materials and Methods’ sections of the manuscripts. The service of the Facility is continuously acknowledged in dissertations, communications, and full papers published by the scientists of this institute (including co-workers of the facility).

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