Publications of L. Skora

Journal Article (6)

Journal Article
Skora, L.; Fonseca, L.; Hofele, R. V.; Riedel, D.; Giller, K.; Watzlawik, J.; Schulz-Schaeffer, W. J.; Urlaub, H.; Becker, S.; Zweckstetter, M.: Burial of the polymorphic residue 129 in amyloid fibrils of prion stop mutants. Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (5), pp. 2994 - 3002 (2013)
Journal Article
Skora, L.; Zweckstetter, M.: Determination of amyloid core structure using chemical shifts. Protein Science 21 (12), pp. 1948 - 1953 (2012)
Journal Article
Skora, L.; Becker, S.; Zweckstetter, M.: Characterization of amyloid fibrils of human beta-2-microglobulin by high-resolution magic-angle spinning NMR. ChemBioChem 11 (13), pp. 1829 - 1832 (2010)
Journal Article
Skora, L.; Becker, S.; Zweckstetter, M.: Molten globule precursor states are conformationally correlated to amyloid fibrils of human β-2-microglobulin. Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (27), pp. 9223 - 9225 (2010)
Journal Article
Watzlawik, J.; Skora, L.; Frense, D.; Griesinger, C.; Zweckstetter, M.; Schulz-Schaeffer, W.; Kramer, M. L.: Prion protein helix1 promotes aggregation but is not converted into beta-sheet. Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (40), pp. 30242 - 30250 (2006)
Journal Article
Skora, L.; Cho, M. K.; Kim, H. Y.; Becker, S.; Fernandez, C. O.; Blackledge, M.; Zweckstetter, M.: Charge-induced molecular alignment of intrinsically disordered proteins. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 45 (42), pp. 7012 - 7015 (2006)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Skora, L.: High-resolution characterization of structural changes involved in prion diseases and dialysis-related amyloidosis. Dissertation, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen (2009)
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