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Carlomagno, T.; Felli, I. C.; Czech, M.; Fischer, R.; Sprinzl, M.; Griesinger, C.: Transferred cross correlated relaxation: Application to the determination of sugar pucker in an aminoacylated tRNA mimetic weakly bound to EF-Tu. Journal of the American Chemical Society 121, S. 1945 - 1948 (1999)

Buch (2)

Carlomagno, T. (Hg.): Tubulin-binding agents: synthetic, structural and mechanistic insights. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (2009), 331 S.
Schwalbe, H.; Carlomagno, T.; Junker, J.; Hennig, M.; Reif, B.; Richter, C.; Griesinger, C.: Cross-Correlated Relaxation for the Measurement of Angles between Tensorial Interactions. (2001)

Buchkapitel (2)

Carlomagno, T.; Baldus, M.; Griesinger, C.: Bio-nuclear magnetic resonance. In: Drug discovery technologies, S. 473 - 505 (Hg. Kubinyi, H.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (2007)
Carlomagno, T.; Griesinger, C.: Transferred cross-correlated relaxation: Application to drug/target complexes. In: Modern magnetic resonance. Pt. 2, S. 1229 - 1236 (Hg. Webb, G. A.). Springer, Dordrecht (2006)
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