Publikationen von Gabriele Stevanato

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Pravdivtsev, A. N.; Buckenmaier, K.; Kempf, N.; Stevanato, G.; Scheffler, K.; Engelmann, J.; Plaumann, M.; Koerber, R.; Hövener, J.-B.; Theis, T.: LIGHT-SABRE Hyperpolarizes 1-13C-Pyruvate Continuously without Magnetic Field Cycling. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 127 (14), S. 6744 - 6753 (2023)
Stevanato, G.; Ding, Y.; Mamone, S.; Jagtap, A. P.; Korchak, S.; Glöggler, S.: Real-Time Pyruvate Chemical Conversion Monitoring Enabled by PHIP. Journal of the American Chemical Society 145 (10), S. 5864 - 5871 (2023)
Hune, T.; Mamone, S.; Schröder, H.; Jagtap, A. P.; Sternkopf, S.; Stevanato, G.; Korchak, S.; Fokken, C.; Müller, C. A.; Schmidt, A. B. et al.; Becker, D.; Glöggler, S.: Metabolic Tumor Imaging with Rapidly Signal-Enhanced 1-13C-Pyruvate-d3. ChemPhysChem 24 (2), e202200615 (2023)
Ding, Y.; Stevanato, G.; von Bonin, F.; Kube, D.; Glöggler, S.: Real-time cell metabolism assessed repeatedly on the same cells via para-hydrogen induced polarization. Chemical Science 14, S. 7642 - 7647 (2023)
Ding, Y.; Korchak, S.; Mamone, S.; Jagtap, A. P.; Stevanato, G.; Sternkopf, S.; Moll, D.; Schroeder, H.; Becker, S.; Fische, A. et al.; Gerhardt, E.; Outeiro, T. F.; Opazo, F.; Griesinger, C.; Glöggler, S.: Rapidly signal‐enhanced metabolites for atomic scale monitoring of living cells with magnetic resonance. Chemistry–Methods 2 (7), e202200023 (2022)
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