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Journal Article (35)

Journal Article
Eggeling, C.; Hilbert, M.; Bock, H.; Ringemann, C.; Hofmann, M.; Stiel, A. C.; Andresen, M.; Jakobs, S.; Egner, A.; Schoenle, A. et al.; Hell, S. W.: Reversible photoswitching enables single-molecule fluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy at high molecular concentration. Microscopy Research and Technique 70 (12), pp. 1003 - 1009 (2007)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Geisler, C.; von Middendorff, C.; Bock, H.; Wenzel, D.; Medda, R.; Andresen, M.; Stiel, A. C.; Jakobs, S.; Eggeling, C. et al.; Schoenle, A.; Hell, S. W.: Fluorescence nanoscopy in whole cells by asynchronous localization of photoswitching emitters. Biophysical Journal 93 (9), pp. 3285 - 3290 (2007)
Journal Article
Bock, H.; Geisler, C.; Wurm, C.; Jakobs, S.; Schoenle, A.; Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.; Eggeling, C.; von Middendorff, C.: Two-color far-field fluorescence nanoscopy based on photoswitchable emitters. Applied Physics B-Lasers and Optics 88 (2), pp. 161 - 165 (2007)
Journal Article
Geisler, C.; Schoenle, A.; von Middendorff, C.; Bock, H.; Eggeling, C.; Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.: Resolution of λ /10 in fluorescence microscopy using fast single molecule photo-switching. Applied Physics A 88 (2), pp. 223 - 226 (2007)
Journal Article
Foelling, J.; Belov, V.; Kunetsky, R.; Medda, R.; Schoenle, A.; Egner, A.; Eggeling, C.; Bossi, M.; Hell, S. W.: Photochromic rhodamines provide nanoscopy with optical sectioning. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 46 (33), pp. 6266 - 6270 (2007)
Journal Article
Khimich, D.; Nouvian, R.; Pujol, R.; Dieck, S. T.; Egner, A.; Gundelfinger, E. D.; Moser, T.: Hair cell synaptic ribbons are essential for synchronous auditory signalling. Nature 434 (7035), pp. 889 - 894 (2005)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.: Fluorescence microscopy with super-resolved optical sections. Trends in Cell Biology 15 (4), pp. 207 - 215 (2005)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Verrier, S.; Gorshkov, A.; Soeling, H. D.; Hell, S. W.: 4Pi-microscopy of the Golgi apparatus in live mammalian cells. Journal of Structural Biology 147 (1), pp. 70 - 76 (2004)
Journal Article
Jakobs, S.; Martini, N.; Schauss, A.; Egner, A.; Westermann, B.; Hell, S. W.: Spatial and temporal dynamics of budding yeast mitochondria lacking the division component Fis1p. Journal of Cell Science 116 (10), pp. 2005 - 2014 (2003)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Andresen, V.; Hell, S. W.: Comparison of the axial resolution of practical Nipkow-disk confocal fluorescence microscopy with that of multifocal multiphoton microscopy: theory and experiment. Journal of Microscopy 206, pp. 24 - 32 (2002)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Jakobs, S.; Hell, S. W.: Fast 100 nm resolution three-dimensional microscope reveals structural plasticity of mitochondria in live yeast. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 99 (6), pp. 3370 - 3375 (2002)
Journal Article
Andresen, V.; Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.: Time-multiplexed multiphoton multifocal microscope. Optical Letters 26, pp. 75 - 77 (2001)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.: Time multiplexing and parallelization in multifocal multiphoton microscopy. Journal of the Optical Society of America A 17, pp. 1192 - 1201 (2000)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.: Equivalence of the Huygens-Fresnel and Debye approach for the calculation of high aperture point-spread-functions in the presence of refractive index mismatch. Journal of Microscopy 193, pp. 244 - 249 (1999)
Journal Article
Egner, A.; Schrader, M.; Hell, S. W.: Refractive index mismatch induced intensity and phase variations in fluorescence confocal, multiphoton and 4Pi-microscopy. Optics Communications 153, pp. 211 - 217 (1998)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Wurm, C.; Neumann, D.; Schmidt, R.; Egner, A.; Jakobs, S.: Sample preparation for STED microscopy. In: Live cell imaging: methods and protocols, pp. 185 - 199 (Ed. Papkovsky, D. B.). Humana Press, New York (2010)
Book Chapter
Egner, A.; Hell, S. W.: Aberrations in confocal and multi-photon fluorescence microscopy induced by refractive index mismatch. In: Handbook of biological confocal microscopy, pp. 404 - 413 (Ed. Pawley, J.B.). Springer, New York (2006)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Egner, A.: Developments in fluorescence nanoscopy. IEEE/LEOS Summer Topical Meetings., (2008)
Conference Paper
Mueller, T.; Verrier, S.; Egner, A.; Schoenle, A.; Hell, S. W.: Elucidating protein localisations via 4Pi two-colour imaging of the golgi complex of live mammalian cells. European Journal of Cell Biology 86 (Suppl. 57), p. 28 - 28 (2007)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Egner, A.: Multifokale hochauflösende 3D-Fluoreszenzmikroskopie. Dissertation, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg (2002)
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