Publikationen von M. A. Karpinska

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Aljahani, A.; Hua, P.; Karpinska, M. A.; Quililan, K.; Davies, J. O. J.; Oudelaar, A. M.: Analysis of sub-kilobase chromatin topology reveals nano-scale regulatory interactions with variable dependence on cohesin and CTCF. Nature Communications 13, 2139 (2022)
Downes, D. J.; Smith, A. L.; Karpinska, M. A.; Velychko, T.; Rue-Albrecht, K.; Sims, D.; Milne, T. A.; Davies, J. O. J.; Oudelaar, A. M.; Hughes, J. R.: Capture-C: a modular and flexible approach for high-resolution chromosome conformation capture. Nature Protocols 17 (2), S. 445 - 475 (2022)
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