Publikationen von Sonja Jacob

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Ehrenreich, H.; Hasselblatt, M.; Knerlich, F.; von Ahsen, N.; Jacob, S.; Sperling, S.; Woldt, H.; Vehmeyer, K.; Nave, K.-A.; Sirén, A.-L.: A hematopoietic growth factor, thrombopoietin, has a proapoptotic role in the brain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 102 (3), S. 862 - 867 (2005)
Ehrenreich, H.; Aust, C.; Krampe, H.; Jahn, H.; Jacob, S.; Herrmann, M.; Sirén, A.-L.: Erythropoietin: Novel approaches to neuroprotection in human brain disease. Metabolic Brain Disease 19 (3-4), S. 195 - 206 (2004)
Jacob, S.; Finsterbusch, J.; Weishaupt, J.H.; Khorram-Sefat, D.; Frahm, J.; Ehrenreich, H.: Diffusion tensor imaging for long-term follow-up of corticospinal tract degeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Neuroradiology 45 (9), S. 598 - 600 (2003)
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