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Fish, J. L.; Villmoare, B.; Köbernick, K.; Compagnucci, C.; Britanova, O.; Tarabykin, V.; Depew, M. J.: Satb2, modularity, and the evolvability of the vertebrate jaw. Evolution & Development 13 (6), S. 549 - 564 (2011)
Moldrich, R. X.; Gobius, I.; Pollack, T.; Zhang, J.; Ren, T.; Brown, L.; Mori, S.; De Juan Romero, C.; Britanova, O.; Tarabykin, V. et al.; Richards, L. J.: Molecular regulation of the developing commissural plate. Journal of Comparative Neurology 518 (18), S. 3645 - 3661 (2010)
Britanova, O.; de Juan Romero, C.; Cheung, A.; Kwan, K. Y.; Schwark, M.; Gyorgy, A.; Vogel, T.; Akopov, S.; Mitkovski, M.; Agoston, D. et al.; Sestan, N.; Molnár, Z.; Tarabykin, V.: Satb2 is a postmitotic determinant for upper-layer neuron specification in the neocortex. Neuron 57, S. 378 - 392 (2008)
Britanova, O. V.; Alifragis, P.; Junek, S.; Jones, K.; Gruss, P.; Tarabykin, V.: A novel mode of tangential migration of cortical projection neurons. Developmental Biology 298 (1), S. 299 - 311 (2006)
Britanova, O.; Depew, M. J.; Schwark, M.; Thomas, B. L.; Miletich, I.; Sharpe, P.; Tarabykin, V.: Satb2 haploinsufficiency phenocopies 2q32-q33 deletions, whereas loss suggests a fundamental role in the coordination of jaw development. American Journal of Human Genetics 79 (4), S. 668 - 678 (2006)
Britanova, O.; Akopov, S.; Lukyanov, S.; Gruss, P.; Tarabykin, V.: Novel transcription factor Satb2 interacts with matrix attachment region DNA elements in a tissue-specific manner and demonstrates cell-type-dependent expression in the developing mouse CNS. European Journal of Neuroscience 21 (3), S. 658 - 668 (2005)
Polyakov, A. S.; Speer, N.; Britanova, O. V.; Lukyanov, S. A.; Tarabykin, V. S.; Korochkin, L. I.: Cloning and analysis of a new neurogene in the mouse. Russian Journal of Genetics 40 (6), S. 694 - 697 (2004)
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