Publikationen von L. Hengst

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Bednarek, S. Y.; Reynolds, T. L.; Schroeder, M.; Grabowski, R.; Hengst, L.; Gallwitz, D.; Raikhel, N. V.: A small GTP-binding protein from Arabidopsis thaliana functionally complements the yeast YPT6 null mutant. Plant Physiology 104 (2), S. 591 - 596 (1994)
Hengst, L.; Lehmeier, T.; Gallwitz, D.: The ryh1 gene in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe encoding a GTP-binding protein related to ras, rho and ypt: structure, expression and identification of its human homologue. EMBO Journal 9 (6), S. 1949 - 1955 (1990)
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