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Slanchev, K.; Stebler, J.; Goudarzi, M.; Cojocaru, V.; Weidinger, G.; Raz, E.: Control of dead end localization and activity - implications for the function of the protein in antagonizing miRNA function. Mechanisms of Development 126 (3-4), S. 270 - 277 (2009)
Cojocaru, V.; Klement, R.; Jovin, T. M.: Loss of G-A base pairs is insufficient for achieving a large opening of U4 snRNA K-turn motif. Nucleic Acids Research 33 (10), doi:10.1093/nar/gki664, S. 3435 - 3446 (2005)
Cojocaru, V.; Nottrott, S.; Klement, R.; Jovin, T. M.: The snRNP 15.5K protein folds its cognate K-turn RNA. A combined theoretical and biochemical study. RNA 11 (2), 10.1261/rna.7149605, S. 197 - 209 (2005)
Stebler, J.; Spieler, D.; Slanchev, K.; Molyneaux, K. A.; Richter, U.; Cojocaru, V.; Tarabykin, V.; Wylie, C.; Kessel, M.; Raz, E.: Primordial germ cell migration in the chick and mouse embryo: the role of the chemokine SDF-1/CXCL12. Developmental Biology 272 (2), S. 351 - 361 (2004)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Cojocaru, V.: Molecular motions at the 5’ stem loop of U4 snRNA: Implications for U4/U6 snRNP assembly. Dissertation, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen, Germany (2005)
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