Publikationen von Eva-Maria Krämer-Albers

Zeitschriftenartikel (2)

Krämer-Albers, E.-M.; Bretz, N.; Tenzer, S.; Winterstein, C.; Möbius, W.; Berger, H.; Nave, K.-A.; Schild, H.; Trotter, J.: Oligodendrocytes secrete exosomes containing major myelin and stress-protective proteins: Trophic support for axons? Proteomics Clinical Applications 1 (11), S. 1446 - 1461 (2007)
Krämer-Albers, E.-M.; Gehrig-Burger, K.; Thiele, C.; Trotter, J.; Nave, K.-A.: Perturbed Interactions of Mutant Proteolipid Protein/DM20 with Cholesterol and Lipid Rafts in Oligodendroglia: Implications for Dysmyelination in Spastic Paraplegia. The Journal of Neuroscience 26 (45), S. 11743 - 11752 (2006)
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