Publikationen von M. Andrea Markus

Zeitschriftenartikel (24)

Dullin, C.; dal Monego, S.; Larsson, E.; Mohammadi, S.; Krenkel, M.; Garrovo, C.; Biffi, S.; Lorenzon, A.; Markus, M. A.; Napp, J. et al.; Salditt, T.; Accardo, A.; Alves, F.; Tromba, G.: Functionalized synchrotron in-line phase-contrast computed tomography: a novel approach for simultaneous quantification of structural alterations and localization of barium-labelled alveolar macrophages within mouse lung samples. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 22, S. 143 - 155 (2015)
Dullin, C.; Larsson, E.; Tromba, G.; Markus, M. A.; Alves, F.: Phase-contrast computed tomography for quantification of structural changes in lungs of asthma mouse models of different severity. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 22, S. 1106 - 1111 (2015)
Markus, M. A.; Napp, J.; Behnke, T.; Mitkovski, M.; Monecke, S.; Dullin, C.; Kilfeather, S.; Dressel, R.; Resch-Genger, U.; Alves, F.: Tracking of Inhaled Near-Infrared Fluorescent Nanoparticles in Lungs of SKH-1 Mice with Allergic Airway Inflammation. ACS Nano 9, S. 11642 - 11657 (2015)
Markus, M. A.; Dullin, C.; Mitkovski, M.; Prieschl-Grassauer, E.; Epstein, M. M.; Alves, F.: Non-Invasive Optical Imaging of Eosinophilia during the Course of an Experimental Allergic Airways Disease Model and in Response to Therapy. PLoS ONE 9, S. e90017 (2014)

Buchkapitel (2)

Napp, J.; Markus, A.; Alves, F.: Optical and Optoacoustic Imaging. In: Molecular Imaging in Oncology: Recent Results in Cancer Research, Bd. 216, S. 439 - 492 (Hg. Schober, O.; Kiessling, F.; Debus, J.). Springer International Publishing, Cham (2020)
Markus, A.; Dullin, C.; Alves, F.: Two-Dimensional In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging. In: Comprehensive Biomedical Physics, S. 227 - 243. Elsevier (2014)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Reichardt, M.; Frohn, J.; Töpperwien, M.; Nicolas, J.-D.; Markus, M. A.; Alves, F.; Salditt, T.: Nanoscale holographic tomography of heart tissue with x-ray waveguide optics. Developments in X-Ray Tomography, San Diego, California, 2017. Proceedings of SPIE 10391, UNSP 1039105, (2017)
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